Welcome to Infolib Website!

Infolib is a free integrated library system with a growing user community. It is designed to provide library and information management solutions for small libraries and other non-profit entities. Equipped with its basic modules:

   Cataloging, CatalogingAV, Circulation with Inventory,
   Periodical Articles Index, OPAC,
   Reports, Web OPAC, Archive Manager

It provides much of the functionality of traditional online catalogs. Each module can be added or deleted and is relatively easy to configure and use even with little or no training. The modules will function efficiently and will work in an integrated fashion since encoding of record is done only once and all modules have access to the same database.

Please register in order to download the application and the updates.


“Our AIM is simply to help libraries to have fully-integrated system for library management and information access. Free of charge.”


If you feel that Infolib project is a worthwhile effort, your contribution is highly appreciated. Your donations will be used to operate and upgrade the Infolib project.

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